Nizar Ibrahim, Ph.D.

Paleontologist, Anatomist, Assistant Professor of Biology, National Geographic Explorer, TED Fellow

I am a vertebrate paleontologist and comparative anatomist, with a background in the bio- and geosciences, a PhD in vertebrate paleontology from Ireland's leading medical school, and extensive research and teaching experience. I am based at the University of Detroit Mercy (USA), where I am an Assistant Professor of Biology and teach courses in anatomy and evolution. I am also a research associate with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (USA), and a visiting researcher with the University of Portsmouth (UK). My current research interests include vertebrate morphology and evolution, Mesozoic chronostratigraphy, and bioinformatics.


Over the last decade I have led several paleontological expeditions to Africa's Sahara desert, in search of some of the most enigmatic fossil assemblages. This research has been featured in NatureScience, National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, Discover Magazine, and many other high-impact publications.

I am passionate about the public understanding of science. Over the last decade, I have reached millions of people around the globe, using a multitude of formats, including high-profile speaking tours, exhibits, educational videos, and books. I am also a speaker with the renowned National Geographic speakers bureau, reaching large audiences across North America.

Cheyenne, WY, National Geographic Live! 
January 31st 2020
The Villages, FL, National Geographic Live!
March 2nd 2020


Worcester, MA, National Geographic Live! 
March 16th 2020 


Reimagining Dinosaurs – the October 2020 National Geographic Magazine cover story.

Nature: The Tail of Spinosaurus

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